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Residential and commercial property owners only want to work with the best roofing contractors Aurora IL. Whether you’re looking for some much-needed repair work or you need a once in a lifetime roof replacement, this decision will result in a considerable investment.

Making sure you choose the right roofing contractors Aurora IL is vital. Here are 9 questions experts advise you ask before deciding on who should do your roof replacement or roof repair Aurora IL.

#1 How long has the company been working in Roofing Aurora IL?

This may seem like an obvious first step could you be amazed how many people forget to ask about the level of expertise or experience different contractors have with roof repair Aurora IL. Choose a contractor with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality work

#2 Are they insured and licensed to work with roofing Aurora IL?

Replacements and roofing Aurora IL is a dangerous job. Ensuring that your roofing contractor is both licensed and insured to work in the area and has the correct safety equipment materials and tools needed for the job is vitally important. The most reputable roofing contractors Aurora IL will have all the equipment, licenses and permits they need to complete the job.

#3 Ask for evidence of previous roof repair Aurora IL

As with any business, to a roofing contractor in Aurora IL, their reputation is everything. Remember, the last time you visited a new bar or restaurant, it’s highly likely that you did so because of a recommendation from a friend or family member. You may even have read some online reviews or looked at pictures of the premises before you went. You should do the same for any roofing contractor you work with.

#4 Don’t work with the cheapest contractor you find

Experts will always recommend that before choosing a roofing contractors Aurora IL you should get a minimum of three estimates. This would allow you to get a greater understanding of current market costs for any roofing Aurora IL.

#5 Get everything in writing

Any agreement that you make with your roofing repair or replacement contractor it should be fully detailed in writing. Especially if it involves any financing agreements. The most trustworthy company is will always have an employee who can talk you through every aspect of the contract and should be available to answer any queries or questions, you may have.

#6 Always ask about who will have access to your site

It’s important to ask whether the roofing contractors Aurora IL is sending their own employees into your home. Some companies will arrive on the day with unfamiliar work crews, and this can cause an unnecessary amount of stress and anxiety. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor in advance if they will outsource any of the contractor to a third party

#7 Get a coherent statement of their policy of unsatisfactory work

Even the best roofing contractor in Aurora, IL occasionally makes mistakes. Even the best planned jobs can go wrong. Getting a detailed account of how your contractor will handle any errors is important in advance. The last thing you want to do is to spend hours on the phone or even days and months with lawyers trying to correct these issues.

#8 Enquire about your roofs warranty and what they cover

As we mentioned previously, any work involving roofing Aurora Illinois will involve a significant investment. Because of this, always inquire about what level of warranty, you move will have in case of any unplanned emergency repairs. Unfortunately, when roofs are being replaced, contractors do occasionally encounter additional issues that will require more extensive work and as a result cost more.

#9 Only work with approved installers

But equally important questions to ask any prospective roofing contractor in Aurora, Illinois is whether they are an a recognized installer or a preferred partner for the roofing materials company they intend to install. This is important because manufacturers will not honor their warranties unless you work with an authorized installer.

Here are the three principal reasons people in Aurora IL, choose HI-5 Roofing as their roofing partner


A proven track record

Our teams have decades of experience under their belts and as a result are experts in both commercial and residential roofing. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide from the preliminary stages of the work all the way through to conclusion. You can enjoy a hassle-free and transparent process allowing you to avoid any hidden fees and remain completely in control of your project’s timeline.

Our Commitment to Excellence

With years of roofing experience under our belts, we have cornered the market on residential and commercial roofing. Enjoy hassle-free roofing with us as we take you from the preliminary stages of an all inclusive consultation, Free from hidden fees, and open for you to fully monitor your project’s timeline.

We hold our teams fully accountable

We trust our teams implicitly and because of this accountability is the foundation upon which we build our business. We fully respect our customers and when roofing in Aurora IL needs repair or replacing, we strive to do so without disrupting the daily routines and lives of our clients. Our primary purpose is to get your roof replaced or repaired and get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

Open and honest pricing policy

At HI-5 roofing before we ever commit to a contract we take all the time we need to fully assess the situation and the needs of our customers. This allows us to provide you with an open, honest and transparent quotation that we are happy to stand behind. By taking this approach we fully appreciate that we’re not the cheapest company on the market, however we keep our overheads as low as possible, meaning we will not be expensive either. We strive to be the roofing contractors Aurora IL who come in under budget and exceed the expectations of our customers every time.

If you’re a roofing needs an inspection, maintenance, repair, installation or replacement and any other roofing surface you can think of one other experience crew are waiting to take your call today to arrange an obligation free site survey

The exterior of your house is the first and foremost thing that you see while entering your house. Moreover, if the exterior of your house is really good, then it also creates a great first impression of your house.

An excellent exterior of the house creates a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere. However, if you are having any troubles with the exterior parts of your house like roof etc., then you’ll be in great trouble.

Suppose you are enduring difficulties with your home exterior – such as gutters in disrepair, holes in your roof, and damage to your siding. You can hire HI-5 Roofing in Aurora, IL, to get rid of all these problems.

From renovation to transformation, we can provide your home exterior with a completely new look. If you are unhappy with the condition of your property, then let us renovate it. The professionals at HI-5 Roofing can give you a home exterior a new look:

  • Roofing Repair and Installation
  • Siding Replacement and Repair
  • Exterior Window Installation
  • Gutter Maintenance and Repair
  • Residential and Commercial Roof Installation
  • Cultured Stone

HI-5 Roofing is a dependable, reputable, competitive, insured, and state-licensed firm practising in an extensive range of exterior work like roofing, siding, and soffit, as well as fascia (consists of Cedar, Vinyl, Aluminum & Hardie)


Our Services:


Repair and Replacement

We all know how difficult climate systems can be here in the Aurora region. Our replacement and repair service and maintenance professionals here at HI-5 Roofing give quick and expert service to building owners and homeowners. These services reduce the consequences that weather can cause your business and home.

HI-5 Roofing, as the leading company in Aurora IL, gives experienced service technicians with a great experience on several siding/roofing systems for your business or home. By offering great service, our professional staff will work on cost-effective solutions to expand the lifespan of your siding/roof system.



We at HI-5 Roofing suggest some kind of generally scheduled service and maintenance be done to keep the overall probity of your roof system. You can lessen possible damages to your home or building by giving preventative maintenance to your property. We at HI-5 Roofing gives the

Along with these common problems, various other issues can arise when going through long-term house ownership. If you want to fix these issues to keep your long-lasting damage-free and upgraded, hire HI-5 Roofing for roof maintenance. We are willing to help you to recognize any issues and fix them.

We have a team of professionals who are responsible for handling all your roofing needs. They have friendly behaviour and treat your property and you with great respect. They are punctual and capable of handling all the roof problems. Contact us today for the best roofing services.



How Can I Hire the Right Roofing Contractor?
Make sure that you get a comprehensive quote from your roofing contractor. Moreover, and make sure it shows all the things that were written on it. You should also ask for referrals and speak to some former customers.
Additionally, ensure that your roofing contractor finished the job on time. The Roofing contractor should be friendly. It means that you can easily communicate with them with your queries.
What Kind of Roof Should I Get?
The kind of roof that you acquire needs to be matched by the rest of your home’s features and style. Moreover, the material is also important and check how long it works.