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Are you in need of top-notch roofing services in Wheaton, IL that may enhance the value of your property? Serving Wheaton, IL and surrounding areas, HI-5 Roofing is one of the trusted and reliable roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL. Being a leader in home exterior renovations, we use the best quality products to protect your home. From a minor roof repair and maintenance to full roof replacement, you can discover it all here. We have a great team of roofing experts who are committed to providing top-notch roofing services since the establishment of our company back in the year (year).

Always keep in mind that a roof can do a lot for your property. It does not only act as a barrier between you and the extreme weather of the IL area but can also add value to your property. Therefore, the quality and condition of your room must be good. And it is possible only if you select the best roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL like HI-5 Roofing as we are the trusted name in roofing. To offer you the best service in residential or commercial settings, we install the highest-quality roofing products.

With the goal of satisfying customers in every possible way, we have been providing unparalleled quality, attention to detail, and expert advice since (year of establishment). We can install or repair any kind of roof including metal roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and designer shingle roofs. Whatever the type of roof you want for your home or office, we will do it for you, making it an affordable investment for your property that is made to last longer. Our professionalism, quality workmanship, full-time customer support, and complete range of roofing solutions have made us apart from other roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL. Hence, HI-5 Roofing is always there to create such roofing solutions that may fit your needs and budget.



Being an insured and fully-licensed residential roofing contractor in Wheaton, IL, we can assist you in finding the best roofing system to protect your home. Whether you need a minor roof repair or you need a completely new roof, HI-5 Roofing has got you covered. Our team of professionals will maintain a high level of professionalism and safety while working at your home. Our residential roofing services include:

  • Asphalt shingle installation
  • Flat roof installation
  • General roof repair
  • Cedar shingle roof installation
  • Roofing inspection and maintenance
  • Commercial Roofing

Getting things right is very important, especially when it comes to the roof of your commercial building. If you miss even a small leakage in the roof, it may result in some bigger and expensive problems. To install a new roof or to repair the existing roof of your commercial property, you can freely approach us as we are the roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL that may fulfil your commercial roofing needs. Being the best roof installation and repair expert, we stand behind our work with top-rated years of warranty as well as high-quality materials.

  • Roof Repair

Do you have a roof that needs repair? Without waiting further, contact fully-insured and licensed roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL. Remember, a small leakage in a roof can lead to bigger problems. So, if you notice that your roof is having a leakage problem due to wind, rain or other factors, do not wait. HI-5 Roofing is here to provide you with the roof repair services including roof leak repair, roof replacement, wind damage, and underlayment replacement, etc. When you call us, our roofing experts will come to your place and identify and assess any imperfections that may lead to costly repairs in the future.

To keep the roof of your property in top condition, to extend its life, or to save it from large repairs by the time, we provide affordable roof maintenance programs for your residential and commercial property. Why you are living or working in a property that has a damaged roof? HI-5 Roofing delivers everything from general roof maintenance to repairing flashing and roof vents. The roofing professionals at HI-5 Roofing will do a thorough analysis of your property, access structurally weak points, and then, provide preventive roof maintenance so you can avoid costly damages in the long run.

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If your roof is damaged and you need the best roofing contractor, then you are at the right place. HI-5 Roofing are the best and original roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL, in Naperville. We give the best and premium quality roofing services. We have a magnificent team of roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL, who help business owners and homeowners to protect their roofs.

Moreover, our highly trained experts meet the high standards for installation, professionalism, and reliability. They can give total security to your home by implementing super sustainable roofing practices.

Everyone knows that the exterior of your office or home always needs to be clean as they give the first impression. Therefore, it is really important to take care of the roofs to avoid further problems.

HI-5 Roofing gives a variety of services like planning, installation and repairing of new roofs according to your needs and requirements. Our roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL can give you various designs of roofing systems that we give to our past customers. Moreover, they give you suggestions and best ideas regarding your roofing.

Here are some benefits that you will get when you hire our reliable roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL


  • You will get the best cost-effective and energy-efficient roofing solutions
  • We will give you complete office and home protection
  • Most importantly, ten years of guarantee.
  • We provide high-quality roofing services in commercial and residential settings
  • You don’t need to pay for inspections as we give free roof inspections
  • Our roofing solution are affordable and vary according to your roof damage
  • We always use high quality and advanced roofing products

So, what are you waiting for, contact us today and get the licensed and fully-insured roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL? Don’t forget that small damage in a roof can give you several problems in future. Therefore, do not wait if you see any leakage issues due to rain, wind or other possible factors.

We give you roof repair services that contain underlayment replacement, roof replacement, roof leak repair, wind damage, and many other solutions. When you hire us, our roofing experts will come to your place and check all the things properly.

They analyze all the damages and give you proper estimates. Roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL has been giving attention to detail, exceptional quality, and expert advice to satisfy clients in every conceivable way.

Why Us

As the best Wheaton, IL window, siding, and roofing contractor, we are very familiar with the Wheaton, area and always give the best roofing services. An operated and family-owned business, we at HI-5 Roofing pride ourselves on giving excellent one-on-one consultations, craftsmanship, or exceptional customer service.

We can install or repair any roof, consisting of designer shingle roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and metal roofs. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you need for your office or home; we will provide the best roofing services for you.

Our professionalism, quality craft, full-time customer support, and complete range of roofing solutions have made us apart from other roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL.

We are different from all roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL, because of our quality craft, a full range of roofing solutions, full-time customer support, and professionalism. Therefore, HI-5 Roofing is always there to help you if your home faces any roofing problems. It doesn’t matter what the scope or size of your project; Roofing Contractors in Wheaton, IL, can manage it.

From siding to windows to roofing, HI-5 Roofing has you covered all. We have an experienced and trained team of Roofing Contractors in Wheaton, IL, who can bring your dreams to life by giving the best roofing services.



Do you want to give a distinct and an elegant look to your property? Did you just say yes? Give a try to our roofing solutions and get peace of mind that you deserve. We are the best roofing contractors in Wheaton, IL, and we deal in providing a diverse range of roofing solutions using the best quality materials. So, approach us right away on phone or email and schedule your free roofing inspection.

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