Storm Damage Naperville

Serving Naperville, IL & Surrounding Areas 

Storms are a naturally occurring element and its arrival is usually heralded by loss of lives and destruction of properties. In Naperville, witnessing a home or two losing with a missing roof is not a strange occurrence especially during storm season.

Storm damage in Naperville IL does not have to wreck your home and leave a hole in your pocket. With our storm damage roof repair service, we will be able to get your roof fixed and back to perfect condition in no time.

Storm damage to roof can take a wide variety of forms. There is wind damage which could cause your entire roof to be blown off if you are lucky. Or it could weaken the shingles and the roof in general placing you and your family at risk of a roof collapse if proper care is not taken. Hail damage is also a type of damage you need to watch out for as well.

Signs of Storm Damage To Roof

  • Your roof begins to get small dents in the metal on the roof
  • Roof or the siding begins to feature cracks and marks
  • The shingles are missing or completely blown off
  • The shingles are lifted, loose, torn or curled.
  • Nails are exposed
  • The roof is leaking
  • The shingles are creased or broken
  • Fasteners are popped and exposed
  • The attachment of the roof’s membrane is compromised.

Each one of these is equally important and once they are spotted, you should call us immediately to safe guard the lives of your loved ones and prevent the roof from deteriorating any further.

Regardless, of what you might need our professional and dedicated team of roofers and exterior maintenance experts are ready and available for whatever you might need. We take pride in using the latest methods and techniques to ensure our work is nothing short of perfect.

Storm Damage Naperville, IL: How Company Works 

We do not only work fast; we work smart too. Here is a step-by-step breakdown on how we work from the moment we receive your brief.

We schedule an inspection on your home to know what we are dealing with exactly. As soon as this is done, we will send you a report highlighting either of the following:

  • No damage to the roof
  • A need for a small repair on a part of the roof
  • A need for an entire roof replacement

Depending on the report you receive, we will also go the extra mile to help you with the following:

  1. Help you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company
  2. Facilitate and attend the meeting with your insurance company’s adjuster.
  3. Process and procure the necessary paperwork needed by your insurance company.
  4. Finish up the work after it has been signed off by you and get all paper work to your insurance company.
  5. Procure the necessary funds to make sure your home gets back to its pre-storm damage condition.

Why Choose Us?

Why Us? The question should be why not us?

To begin, we know the business better than anyone else. We are a family-owned roofing business with over 30 years of experience.  We pride ourselves in doing things correct the first time around. Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations as a roofing contractor. Our focus is on providing outstanding service and quality products at a fair price. But no matter what you’re looking for, we realize you have a choice, and you can be assured that we will never take your business for granted.

In addition to roofing, we also offer quality exterior services like siding and gutters. It’s no secret that poorly designed or deteriorating gutters can be a recurring source of stress for homeowners and business owners alike. Well with us on the job, you never have to worry about that.  Gutter repair, replacement, or installation, our gutter professionals know their stuff. Well-maintained gutters help guard against property damage. Get the most out of your property and be sure your gutters are protecting your home and doing what they’re intended to do. Siding, similarly, protects against moisture damage and weather damage. Of course, curb appeal is an important consideration, but here at HI-5 Roofing, our siding accomplishes performance and durability as well as enhanced appearances. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, fiber cement, insulated, carmel, or commercial siding, HI-5 Roofing ensures your siding stands up to the elements and withstands extreme temperatures.

Top notch company.  We had our roof replaced, so tear off 2 layers and install new.  Plus we have a flat roof over our patio that was tore off and replaced.  Excellent job .  Job complete in one day. Clean up every area they were in.


HI-5 Roofing did an excellent job with the 1st phase of our full roof tear off. The entire crew was on-time and worked effiecently to finish up by lunch time. Clean-up was great and the new shingle color was an exact match to the exisiting. Also, the project price was more than fair and included an exceptional warranty not offered by other surrounding companies. We are looking forward to making the call again to HI-5 to complete the 2nd phase in 2022!

Garret Lindroth

Nice people to deal with. Tear off & roof put on in 1 day. Guy walked around property for 2 hours picking up stray nails. I only found 2. Highly recommend using them.

Chip Holler